Live Action Video Production

GARY NULL: Health and nutrition expert, activist and documentary filmmaker, speaks out against Nuclear Power Reactors at the No Nuke Rally in NYC 2011.

GREEN EXPO  2008 Part 1:

This series of videos is composed of a spectrum of ongoing interviews conducted at several NYC Green Expos by Jane Gussin & Aristedes DuVal for GreenBeatTV

JEANINE and ZOPHIA, This informal interview was shot outside the Hilton Hotel after the Go Green Expo 2009. These exuberant attendees get a chance to speak their mind and hearts after being inspired by their visit through the Expo.

Environmental  Issues & Green Events

Green Beat TV

This heartfelt and spirited interview with BRADFORD RAND the Founder and CEO of the GO GREEN Expo was given in NYC at his Eco Showcase.

Interviews, Expos, Political Action

DR. HELEN CALDICOTT : OCCUPY WALL STREET, October 2, 2011, She passionately addresses the protesters, at Zicotti Park aka Liberty Plaza. She speaks out about government irresponsibility and the dangers of nuclear power!

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GO GREEN EXPO 2008  Part 2

This series of videos is composed of a spectrum of ongoing interviews conducted at several NYC Green Expos by GreenBeatTV. Each dedicated exhibitor introduces their unique product or service, while revealing a deeper passionate world philosophy regarding the Green Movement.

Through the exhibitors stories, we connect local Green orgs & products to their roots across the globe.


INYANGE African Crafts handmade by Rwanda Survivors

This interview with Norah and Tatiana at Earth Day exhibition booth - Inyange African Crafts, outside of Grand central Station, NYC. The crafts were beautifully made from recycled and natural materials, and the story behind the crafts is particularly touching. These women are Rwanda genocide survivors now utilizing the women from their villages to make crafts to raise money for educating the local children, some who live on the streets. Norah was the translator for the documentary " God Sleeps in Rwanda". They both live in the US developing Inyange African Crafts and spreading awareness of their causes.

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