Live Action Video Production

Yves Saint Laurent Gallery Show Tour

Video Screened at the on Campus Centennial Celebration in several locations.

Excerpted from 22 min.

Documentary, Campaigns and Commercials

Keni Valenti Gallery

Fashion as Art

Wynwood, Miami

Mayor Joan Walsh, Harrison, NewYork,

Election DVD 5 minute Video excerpt of the Town of  Harrison’s Issues

Short Format

Documentary / Campaign

Westover School Centennial

Westover, Ct.

Coming Soon

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Video Links

Political Commercial for

Bob Paladino,

Harrison, NewYork,

Jeffrey Blyth's wife, Myrna wanted to create a video tribute for her husband, which highlighted his amazing life as a Foreign Correspondent. She gave me a script, multiple passports, digital photos, newspaper clippings, and radio excerpts, entrusting me to fill in the blanks ( research! ) and edit it together.